角力继续?第三轮中美贸易谈判无果而终 | 双语阅读

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角力继续?第三轮中美贸易谈判无果而终 | 双语阅读

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The world’s two largest economies remained on track to commence a $100bn trade war as early as this month, after a third round of China-US trade negotiations ended in Beijing on Sunday without a breakthrough.


① commence [kə'mens] v. 开始;着手;获得学位

例句:The project is ready to commence immediately. 该项目准备立即开始。

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Last week US president Donald Trump said he would move to implement previously threatened tariffs on $50bn worth of Chinese industrial exports “shortly” after June 15, which Beijing has promised to reciprocate.

上周美国总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)表示,他将在6月15日之后“很快”落实先前的威胁,即对价值500亿美元的中国输美工业产品征收关税,而北京方面承诺将会回敬。

US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross and vice premier Liu He did not issue a joint statement after they wrapped up two days of discussions. The previous round of talks, held in Washington in mid-May, ended with only a vague promise by Chinese officials to “substantially” reduce their country’s trade surplus with the US.

美国商务部长威尔伯•罗斯(Wilbur Ross)和中国副总理刘鹤在结束两天的讨论后没有发表联合声明。5月中旬在华盛顿举行的上一轮谈判结束时,中国官员只是含糊地承诺“大幅”减少中国对美贸易顺差。

② reciprocate [rɪ'sɪprəkeɪt] v. 回报;回应;沿直线往复移动

例句:The growing interest of overseas Chinese in their motherland is certainly being reciprocated. 海外华人对祖国日益增长的兴趣当然也得到了回报。

③ wrap up 包起来;完成;获胜;结束;总结

例句:It's time to wrap up our program. 今天的节目又该结束了。

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In a brief statement, the official Xinhua news agency said Mr Ross and Mr Liu had made “concrete progress” without elaborating. But Xinhua also warned that any move by the Trump administration to impose punitive tariffs wouldderail the negotiations, which are expected to continue through the summer.


The US delegation, which did not comment after the talks concluded, was due to fly out of the Chinese capital on Sunday evening.


④ punitive ['pjuːnɪtɪv] adj. 惩罚性的;刑罚的

例句:But in his brief comments at the White House, he made no mention of any punitive action. 但他在白宫发表的简短评论中,没有提到任何惩罚措施。

⑤ derail [dɪ'reɪl] v.(使)脱轨,出轨

例句:"This agriculture deadlock could really derail the whole project, " he said. “这一农产品僵局可能真的要破坏整个项目,”他表示。

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Two people briefed on the discussions said there was little progress on agriculture and larger structural trade and investment issues, as the two sides concentrated more on potential energy deals. “The focus was exclusively on narrowing the trade deficit, with a particular focus on energy exports,” one of the people said. “The focus was not what the US business community would like to see.”


⑥ brief [briːf] v. 向(某人)介绍情况;作…的提要 n. 简报;概要,诉书 adj. 简短的;短暂的;草率的

例句:Three people involved in, or briefed on, the sale say Volvo has drawn tentative interest from at least three Chinese carmakers. 3位参与或了解出售事宜的人士表示,沃尔沃已经吸引了至少3家中国汽车企业的初步兴趣。

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Speaking at a G7 finance leaders’ meeting in Canada on Saturday, Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin said that Mr Ross’s discussions in Beijing were not just focused on deficit reduction, but alsocontentious Chinese trade and industrial policies that US businesses believe hinder their operations in the country.

美国财长史蒂文•姆努钦(Steven Mnuchin)上周六在加拿大举行的七国集团(G7)财长会议上表示,罗斯在北京的讨论不仅聚焦于削减贸易赤字,还包括中国有争议的贸易和产业政策;美国企业认为,这些政策阻碍了它们的在华业务。

“This isn’t just about [China] buying more [US] goods, this is about structural changes,” Reuters reported Mr Mnuchin as saying. “If there are structural changes that allow our companies to compete fairly, by definition that will deal with the trade deficit alone.”


⑦ contentious [kən'tenʃəs] adj. 可能引起争论的;爱争论的

例句:The wisdom of withdrawing fiscal stimulus in the near term is proving to be one of the most contentious in global policymaking. 短期内取消财政刺激是否明智,是目前全球决策领域争议最大的问题之一。

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In preparatory talks last week, US officials hoped that scaling back technical barriers to trade would double annual American agricultural exports to China to about $40bn. Chinese customs officials, for example, halt all American chicken imports whenever there is an avian flu case in the US. Other nations typically just suspend exports from the affected state and its immediate neighbours.


Mr Trump’s renewed tariff threat last week surprised and angered Chinese officials, especially after it appeared to contradict Mr Mnuchin’s assurances a fortnight earlier that the two sides were “putting the trade war on hold”.


⑧ scale back 相应缩减;减少

例句:The answer is not to scale back the stimulus but to make it, so far as possible, self-correcting over the course of the cycle. 答案不是削减规模,而是尽可能使激励方案在整个周期中实现自我调整。

⑨ avian flu 禽流感(鸟类传染病,可感染人类并导致死亡)

例句:The trends range from the spread of avian flu to the rise of carbon emissions to the number of violent conflicts. 这些趋势包括禽流感的蔓延、二氧化碳排放量的增加、以及暴力冲突的增加等。

⑩ fortnight ['fɔːtnaɪt] n. 两星期

例句:The rules of the game have been rewritten dramatically over this past fortnight but the game, at least, is still being played in some form. 过去两周来,游戏规则已被大幅重写。但是,游戏本身至少还以某种形式继续进行着。

Screenshot: nytimes.com


Despite Beijing’s anger over Mr Trump’s renewed threat, in recent days the Chinese government has slashed tariffs on a range of consumer imports and also promised to relax foreign investment restrictions in sectors including energy and transport by June 30.


“The Chinese are asking that the Trump administration publicly announce that they will not impose tariffs, and that’s a non-starter,” said a second person briefed on the discussions.


The Chinese foreign ministry on Friday said that “our door for negotiations is always open”.


⑪ slash [slæʃ] vt. 劈;严厉批评;大幅度削减 n. 削减;斜线;猛砍;沼泽低地

例句:At the time, the company was fighting to survive and was forced to lay off engineers as it slashed costs. 当时,这家公司正奋力存活下去,为了削减成本而被迫裁掉工程师。

⑫ non-starter [nɑn 'stɑː(r)tə(r)] n. 无望取得成功的人(或事)

例句:The political implications of protecting Italian and French high-technology jobs also make this look like a non-starter. 保护意大利和法国高科技就业岗位的政治意义,也使得这种合作看起来注定无望。

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During Mr Trump’s state visit to Beijing in November, China’s sovereign wealth fund and state-owned Sinopec signed a provisionalagreement to participate in and source gas from a $43bn Alaskan LNG project. The target date for a finalised agreement was initially set for early 2019.


⑬ sovereign ['sɒvrɪn] n. 君主;元首 adj. 有主权的;掌握全部权力的

例句:Indeed, its very messiness might provide some reassurance that the sovereign wealth funds hardly seem to have nefarious agendas. 实际上,这种混乱可能会让人安心:主权财富基金似乎没有不可告人的计划。

⑭ provisional [prə'vɪʒ(ə)n(ə)l] adj. 临时的,暂定的

例句:Although it loses Rio money, the provisional agreement gives both sides the breathing room to make changes to the system. 虽然力拓因此亏钱,但它为双方改变定价机制提供了喘息空间。

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